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Mathematics & Science Education, LMS Center
Mathematics & Science Education, LMS Center
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Our Philosophy and Mission

The ability to understand and learn the concepts of mathematics and science differs from one student to another because each student has different types of intelligence (Howard Gardner, 1983); it is also influenced by the internal and external factors in students’ lives (Jean Piaget, 1954).

Therefore, our mission is to motivate and "enlighten" in each student the light, that is to say, the knowledge and thorough understanding of mathematics and science by making positive use of several parameters that influence learning. Students will then become independent learners and consistent hard workers in every subject.

Parameters with a positive influence on learning:
  • Self-confidence
  • Motivation and discipline
  • Concentration (one-on-one tutoring)
  • Environment (Home tutoring)
  • Knowledge (Strategic problem-solving method)

Welcome to our website. Through our various educational services, we are happy to help, support and motivate young students to scholastic success. Parents and school professionals will also benefit from our services.

Browse our interactive website for more information. To your success.

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