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Mathematics & Science Education, LMS Center
Mathematics & Science Education, LMS Center
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LMS Vision

The Light of Mathematics and Science Center is a learning centre that offers unique services in Canada. It is distinguished by a tutoring service specializing in mathematics and science, summer courses, and motivational & success-oriented seminars to students. Our vision encompasses three main objectives:
  • Increase school success rates in mathematics, science, and French literature within the diversity of the student population in Canada, while reducing the school dropout rate.

  • Deepen the subject knowledge of young gifted students who will make a career in the field of mathematics and science.

  • Help families by motivating their children to develop an independent learning attitude that will help them become successful individuals.

Tutoring services with highly qualified tutors, affordable prices for families, collaboration with public and private schools, and dynamic seminars are some strategies that we use to act as catalysts for our vision.


• The sun and the constant Pi are two components of our logo. They represent two symbols that are found in science and mathematics.

-The sun: in astronomy, the sun is a star as well as the source of light and heat in our solar system.

-The constant Pi: in mathematics, Pi is a constant represented by the Greek letter Π . The latter is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Its rounded value is 3.141 592 654

• The use of these two symbols therefore illustrates the main fields of operation of our business: mathematics and science.


Welcome to our website. Through our various educational services, we are happy to help, support and motivate young students to scholastic success. Parents and school professionals will also benefit from our services.

Browse our interactive website for more information. To your success.

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