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Mathematics & Science Education, LMS Center
Mathematics & Science Education, LMS Center
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Several customers have used our services and have obtained very positive academic results. You will have the same experience with us. Here are some testimonials:


- I learned tricks that they never showed me in school.
- The tutorial helped me a lot and I found math a bit easier.
Wilser Siméon / Le Moine D’Iberville School

During the first semester, I had an average of 56% in math. I began to receive help from my new tutor and he helped me to reach a new level of understanding of math concepts and methods to solve math problems. One important thing that he taught me is that you cannot mechanically solve problems, but you must take the time to reflect in order to apply the right method. That is true because in applying this principle, my average changed from 56% to 92%.
George Nfiodis / LaurenHill Academy

Every second I spent with my tutor was worth my time. I was able to succeed in my math class due to his excellent knowledge. I understood several math concepts before my teacher taught me. I would recommend LMS tutoring services to anyone who needs help in mathematics.
Dondre Octave / Centennial Regional High School

Math has always been a personal struggle in terms of word problems. Once I started tutoring sessions with the LMS center, all of these difficulties disappeared. These sessions have helped me find the root of my math problem. Instead of looking at a question and giving up, my tutor taught me how to break it down and analyze it. I was given a toolbox of knowledge that guided me with success to my high school diploma. Not only did these tools help me change my mind set, but they helped me with subjects outside of math. Overall, I gained much more than just a tutoring session.
Gandhi Jacques / Saint Pius School


I confirm what Gandhi wrote. He has learned a lot and obtained his high school diploma. I was afraid that he would not graduate because of his difficulties in Mathematics. With the help of the LMS Center and especially his tutor, he was able to overcome his difficulties. As a parent, I was very satisfied with the experience I had with LMS Center and, therefore, I would not hesitate to recommend them to other parents who are in need.
Myriame Hyppolite / accountant

I am fully thankful for the help that the tutor brought to my son. He went further than the work of a tutor. He was present and devoted. This gave Dondre what he needed to pass his grade 9 math course from an average of 42% to an average of 70%. A huge thanks for everything.
Josseline Octave / Elementary school teacher

My son Wilser had a lot of problems and difficulty in mathematics. He spent three years in a book that he was not able to pass. Therefore, we decided to get him a tutor from the LMS Center and it was a huge success. My son passed his course with a 75%. Even the principal was surprised of the outstanding effort. I thank enormously the LMS Center for the academic achievement of my son.
Miclaine Siméon/Industry employee.

The teaching methods of the tutor have helped my son achieve the grades to pass high school math: from failing with very low grades to unbelievable high passing grades. His caring ways have helped my son achieve his goals that were not possible before the tutor showed him the way.
Chris Dafniotis / Production manager


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