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Mathematics & Science Education, LMS Center
Mathematics & Science Education, LMS Center
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Seminars Teachers & Educators

We offer several interactive seminars for educators. A question and answer period follows every seminar.

Patrick Mayard Strategies for problem-solving
in math & science
Patrick Mayard Effective learning strategies
Patrick Mayard School Dropout prevention:
increase student confidence

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"As an educator, I used the Mayard Method because it can be applied effectively to many problems and, subsequently, help students develop intuition for the problem-solving process as a whole." Franco La Braca, Recipient of the 2015 Garnet Wooton Award in physics (McGill University).

Seminar Descriptions

Strategies for problem-solving in mathematics & science
This seminar introduces to teachers a problem-solving methodology that will enable students to maximize their academic results in mathematics and science. This methodology, developed by Patrick Mayard during his teaching years of mathematics, physics and chemistry, was presented at the 52nd annual conference of the Quebec Association for the Teaching of Science and Technology which was held at the campus of College Notre-Dame-de-Foy. In this seminar, teachers will discover a solving method in 4 simple and effective steps. Then, they learn how to integrate this methodology with the students in their classroom.

Effective learning strategies
"To succeed in school, you have to study and work."
This traditional advice that has been given to students for several decades is now diluted by scientific progress. Indeed, new studies show that there are several ways of learning and some techniques are more effective than others. This traditional advice can now be altered by a modern version: "To succeed in school, students need STRATEGIES". Based on cognitive psychology and the latest scientific studies, this seminar communicates to teachers effective learning strategies that they can transpose in their classroom for optimum results of their students.

School dropout prevention: Increase student confidence
A therapy against depression is incomplete if it is limited by the improvement of the individual's external environment without a reconfiguration of his internal condition. In parallel, the fight against school dropout is incomplete if it merely introduces new extracurricular activities for the student without changing his internal reasoning. The common denominator between a depressed individual and the student who dropped out of school is pessimistic thinking which must be the main target of any strategy. Therefore, this seminar provides strategies to teachers that will induce positive thinking in students and that will also enable them to enhance their self-confidence in the classroom.


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